Crowning yourself through dance

The Palace Dance Studio (TPDS) is one of the world’s leading hip hop institutions preparing its dancers for careers in a number of dance performance areas. TPDS dancers have been booked to dance with Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, JLo, Chris Brown, Gwen Stefani, Ciara, Pitbull, Madonna, Rihanna, Tae Yang, Psy Cirque Du Soleil and act in feature films such as Born to Dance and Step Up 5.

The Palace Academy of Dance wants to build on this success and provide hip hop dance industry opportunities for students who have an interest in potentially studying or working in the creative, services and social/ community industries.

The Palace Academy of Dance will provide world class, positive and practical dance programmes that will enable students to realise their potential in hip hop dance performance and production. Our key goal is to develop the skills of young people and equip them with the necessary expertise to build a career in professional hip hop dance performance by acquiring transferable skills, fostering personal growth and enhancing employment opportunities.