Hip Hop Performance & Production

We are currently in the process of developing a Full Time Level 4 Certificate programme which would be based from our studio in Auckland which would Hip Hop Technology, Choreography, Health & Wellness, Event Management & Hip Hop Industry Employment Skills. If approved, we are hoping to start in February 2020.

The qualification would be for individuals who wish to develop their experience and practice in the non-traditional performing arts discipline of Hip hop dance and its wider industry roles. It would provide the creative arts industry with individuals who have a repertoire of technical hip hop dance skills, as well as industry specific proficiency in technology, health, communication, event management and health and safety in the workplace. These skills will allow graduates to perform in community and professional settings in a variety of service industry, health and technical creative arts roles. Graduates would be able to contribute to the cultural and social life of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Education/ Employment pathway: This qualification may lead to further education or employment as a dancer, choreographer, videographer, dance teacher, event manager, studio manager, audio visual/ editing/ music technology specialist, costume designer, director, social media manager, lighting technician and fitness instructor.

If you are interested in the proposed course or would like to kept up to date with the approval process please complete our Hip Hop Performance & Production Expression of Interest form and we will be in touch!