HHIT: Course content

Below is a list of the Unit Standards taught in our Hip Hop Industry Training, training scheme. For proposed dates for 2021 see HHIT Calendar.

Unit Standard Title Level Credits 
27656Demonstrate and apply introductory knowledge of music technology and techniques  
Students will be able to: 
Demonstrate introductory knowledge of the features and functions of music technology equipment and techniques Use the features and functions of music technology equipment and techniques to create a simple sequence and short score 
62 Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact 
Students will be able to: 
Describe personal hygiene and presentation requirements for a workplace involving customer contact Describe factors that project a positive attitude Present a positive image Maintain personal presentation and a positive attitude in a workplace involving customer contact  
2 3 
21794 Demonstrate, instruct and monitor static stretching 
Students will be able to:  Ensure stretches can be demonstrated safely Demonstrate and instruct safe static stretching techniques using ACC Sport Smart stretch posters Monitor and improve the performance of static stretching by exercise participants. 
2 3 
6571 Demonstrate knowledge of micro and macro nutrients and nutritional imbalances 
Students will be able to: 
Identify and explain nutritional recommendations for health regarding the intake of macro and micro nutrients Identify common food sources of these nutrients Explain the cause and effect of nutritional imbalances  
3 5 
27699 Research and design a costume for a specified performance context 
Students will be able to: 
Research costume design requirements for a specified performance context Communicate the design visually to allow the realisation of the costume  
2 4 
27715 Instruct a group fitness class 
Students will be able to
Demonstrate knowledge of dance exercise movements used in group fitness dance classes Instruct a group fitness Dance class 
3 7 

An additional 20 hours of work experience at The Palace Dance Studio and show case events will be offered to students (to be arranged with the Gateway coordinator) with school/ parental permission.